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The Zenith radio company of Illinois was founded in 1918, and was a leading manufacturer of radios in the early 20th century before later becoming known as the company which invented modern subscription television as well as the TV remote control! Zenith’s products were sold across the world, however, they eventually got out of the radio business, and as it became increasingly difficult to compete with electronics manufacturers from Asia, the company was forced to sell a controlling interest to LG Electronics (S. Korea) in 1995. By 1999 the company was completely owned by LG.

This model is an old Bakelite Zenith from around the 1950s, and, while it no longer works, it sure makes a handsome display piece! Radios like this one used to be a common feature in every family home before the days of television. Radios were where people got their news, music, and entertainment! When radio was first introduced, many for the first time were able to hear instant, up-to-date news. During the Second World War, this was especially important, as the quickest way to receive news from the front was via radio. Though it is hard to imagine nowadays going a week without hearing from political figures on TV, previously, it was radio that made it possible to broadcast the voices of Prime Ministers and monarchs alike to ordinary people, for many people, the advent of radio meant they could hear from their leaders for the very first time.


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It's a beauty! I know some fellows have taken the back out of these vintage radios and added modern electronics to make them work again. You might find some tutorials on YouTube. Myself, I have a Camry retro radio CD player that looks like a vintage radio. I got it as a preloved item from Ebay. It even has that old warm sound. I love it!

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