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Updated: Jun 26, 2019

Point. Shoot. Print.

Do you remember a time where you waved around a Polaroid picture as a kid? I do; and recently, Polaroid cameras have made a huge comeback. With so much access to instant, digital photography using our smartphones, I think many people have found meaning in having physical photographs to look back on. If you're like me, you take ten photos a day with your iPhone, and almost never go back to look through them all. There are so many vintage options when it comes to cameras, but I do love the instant gratification a Polaroid can provide. I think it's also a symbol of a time gone by. I don't actually use this camera regularly as the film can be rather expensive, but it is definitely worth investing in an old Polaroid if you're really into physical photographs. This one cost me a lot less than what a brand new Kodak polaroid style camera would cost I can assure you! And, when not in use, it looks super cool as a vintage display piece!


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