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So I sort of have a thing for office supplies. I think it's mostly just how quickly they can help "authenticate" a vintage space (as well as remain practical!). A lot of people upon stepping into my place will notice the big vintage items right away. For example, my desk, my record player, the typewriter in the corner...They're large, colourful, and noticeably out of place in a 21st-century setting. However, for me, it really is the little things that pull it all together. Not only do they complete a room, they are super easy to acquire, and if you're just getting in to vintage collectibles, smaller pieces can be just as unique and neat looking, but often won't cost you an arm and a leg. I started collecting a long time ago, but I started with little things like this awesome old hole punch!

This piece was made in England back in the 1950s, and, as they were mass produced, you can still find them in a few places online. It still works splendidly, but if you don't find yourself in need of it regularly, it also makes a great paper weight. It's a prime example of the sturdy construction techniques that was typical of days gone by; when even the simplest tools were made of quality materials, and built to last. I don't think I'll ever be parting with this one, and I'm glad it's part of #MyVintageLifestyle!


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